PLAIN takes over successful LinkedIn group

Cheryl Stephens and PLAIN are pleased to announce that as of July 1, 2016, PLAIN now owns and manages the Plain Language Supporters group on LinkedIn.

Largest forum on plain language

The newly named PLAIN group is the largest international forum dedicated to plain language, with over 18,000 members from more than 100 countries.

Angela Harms and Cheryl Stephens established the group in 2008 to promote clear communication on what was then an emerging social media channel. From 2010, Cheryl managed and built up the group from its original 250 members to more than 18,400 members today.

“After 8 successful years, the group has grown well beyond what we imagined, proving that the international interest in plain language is significant,” said Cheryl.

“As I explore semi-retirement, I want to pass the group on to someone I can trust to value its importance in building the plain language community.”

Natural home with PLAIN

PLAIN President, Dr. Neil James, noted that the organization is the perfect fit to take on responsibility for this important group.

“PLAIN is the major international network of plain language practitioners,” Neil says. “Our members come from across the globe and work in every professional sector: government, law, health, finance, and community services.”
The LinkedIn platform will complement PLAIN’s existing member-only forum.

“Our online forum was ground breaking when Cheryl first created it nearly two decades ago, and we will be keeping that as a members-only platform,” explained Neil. “But the LinkedIn group will enable us to share information with an even wider range of professionals.”

Business as usual on LinkedIn

Although the name has changed to the PLAIN group, it will operate as usual, which means existing members will notice little change.

Cheryl will continue her valuable posts. And PLAIN has appointed Deanna Lorianni of Zuula to the position of Group Manager.

“This will continue to be an open group, sharing the latest information about plain language while promoting lively discussion,” Deanna said. “I’m looking forward to connecting plain language practitioners from around the world.”

Tribute to Cheryl Stephens

“Cheryl has been one of the great innovators in our profession,” said Neil. “In 1993, she co-founded the network that became PLAIN and has adopted every emerging technology to promote plain language. PLAIN is honored to have this opportunity to continue her legacy.”