PLAIN has a new logo!

new PLAIN logo

With the launch of the new PLAIN website in September 2015, it was clear that PLAIN’s logo was not aligned with the new website’s streamlined design. More importantly, the logo did not adapt to diverse social media needs.

In January 2016, with the expertise of PLAIN’s Board member Robert Linsky, information designer, and Joanna Richardson from Communications, we presented a bid for tender for an updated logo. Accessibility expert and PLAIN member, David Berman, also provided valuable advice.

An initial open bid was sent out to 8 graphic designers, of those 5 responded. Then the bid was capped at CAD 2,000 and sent out again to 3 of the finalists. The winner was Art Kilgour of Write Design, who has just finished PLAIN’s new logo, giving it a wide range of applications for current and future social media profiles.

The logo speaks to PLAIN’s story and uses an accessible font to complement the contemporary feel and is designed to be very adaptable.

We hope you like it!