PLAIN Ambassadors

What is a PLAIN ambassador?

To ensure that PLAIN is truly international, we are looking for individuals to support our at the regional level around the world. Specifically:

  • to foster and support local/regional plain language initiatives
  • to increase engagement, insight and action within regional networks.

An ambassador will provide a localized perspective to international discussions within PLAIN. At the same time, they will promote the principles of plain language in their region or language and be a contact for people interested in joining PLAIN. An ambassador is action-oriented, fosters positive personal relationships, connects people, and listens to conversations throughout the field.

How will an ambassador help PLAIN?

An ambassador MUST:

  • be a liaison between regional members and PLAIN board members ()
  • promote plain language principles and PLAIN as an organization in your local region or language.

We are looking for ambassadors who can also help us by:

  • creating original content for social media in their language (for example: posts, threads, articles)
  • fostering engagement, insights and conversations on social media channels
  • localizing plain language initiatives or resources from PLAIN
  • regularly engaging with networks and experts in their region (for example: via social media, forum, newsletter)
  • organizing a plain language event (for example: hackathon, round table, webinar)
  • attending relevant events/meetings and writing summaries for PLAIN members
  • sharing regional developments in PLAIN communications
  • creating awards or recognition for local leaders in plain language.

What are the benefits of being a PLAIN ambassador?

Ambassadors will enjoy:

  • increased legitimacy in an international professional plain language community
  • opportunity to connect with other knowledgeable plain language practitioners and subject matter experts worldwide
  • a close relationship with PLAIN’s board members for consulting on regional initiatives
  • support from PLAIN for your regional initiatives
  • access to all of PLAIN’s official digital events (in exchange for summaries)
  • a unique PLAIN ambassador logo to use in your personal marketing.

Are you interested?

The ideal ambassador will:

  • have been a PLAIN member for at least one year
  • be able to support us in at least 3 of the additional tasks mentioned
  • be able to commit 5-10 hours per month to these tasks
  • be interested in a long-term relationship (at least 1 year).

Important! An ambassador will not:

  • use the ambassador role primarily for personal marketing
  • define own plain language principles in a way that goes against PLAIN’s definition
  • speak for PLAIN or represent it in any official capacity.

If you are interested in supporting PLAIN as a regional ambassador, email


New PLAIN Ambassador in Brazil

Claudia Mont’Alvão has been appointed the first Brazilian PLAIN Ambassador to our association.  She supervised the first Plain Language academic study in a Graduate Program in Design in Brazil. This Master’s dissertation researched the impact of writing style on the comprehensibility of digital public services.

Brigitte Quintero becomes PLAIN Ambassador

Brigitte is a social communicator and a theater actress. She’s the leader of the plain language strategy in Colombia and the Directorate of Participation, Transparency and Citizen Service of the Administrative Department of the Public Function of Colombia, an entity that leads the National Policy of Citizen Service, the birthplace of plain language.

New PLAIN Ambassador in Ecuador, Mónica Yepez

Mónica Yepez designs and imparts plain language courses for mediation centers, companies and professionals from the public and private sectors.

PLAIN Ambassador Antonio Martin

Our new PLAIN Ambassador Antonio Martin is a passionate and entertaining teacher, and an enthusiastic communicator of language.