Celebrating plain language in New Zealand

Lynda Harris, Kate Thompson and Tatiana Mes

April 19, 2023 BST / April 20, 2023 NZST

Our first webinar of the year was broadcast on the eve that the Plain Language Act was introduced. PLAIN Communications and Conference Board Member Lodewijk van Noort interviewed three guests.

  • Lynda Harris, founder of Write Limited, the largest plain language consultancy in the world
  • Kate Thompson, Head of Communications at thinkstep-anz, a sustainability consultancy
  • Tatiana Mes, Principal Marketing and Communications Manager, Consumer Wealth, Mercer (N.Z.)

The 40 minute webinar covered what the Plain Language Act means for New Zealand, what a key component clear communication is in sustainability, and what projects are improving financial wellness.

If you’d like to read the Plain Language Act for yourself, you can find it here.

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