A court closer to its citizens

Judge Lorena Tula del Moral (Law School of University of Buenos Aires)

July 19, 2022

In this webinar PLAIN host Lodewijk van Noort interviewed Judge Lola about the role of plain language in building an open, online, and model court in Buenos Aires.

Traditionally, we don’t expect judges to make efforts to be closer to citizens. Yet, this is what Judge Lola and her project team set out and managed to achieve a few years ago. Judge Lola tells us about the steps she took that transformed the court into a space that fosters innovation, transparency and collaboration, which led to significant improvement in interaction with citizens.

Lola earned her Law Degree from University of Buenos Aires, and has specialized in Administration of Justice. She is the director of the Observatorio de Lenguaje Claro of the Law School of University of Buenos Aires. She is a judge of the Criminal Court No. 13 of the City of Buenos Aires, and has written several publications.

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