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PLAIN changed its currency for membership payments to US dollars on 1 October 2021.

The cost of individual membership remains about the same: it was CAD $60, and it will be USD $50. The US dollar prices of other levels of membership have been adjusted in proportion with the individual membership fee. These prices are temporary until PLAIN implements new membership levels.

Membership level Current fee (CAD $) Fee in USD $
Individual 60 50
Enhanced individual 160 133
Organizational 150 125
Enhanced organizational 250 208
Student 30 25

Our association has been receiving memberships in Canadian dollars because we are incorporated as an association in Canada. It is a reflection of our founders’ roots: Cheryl Stephens and Kate Harrison Whiteside are both located in British Columbia on Canada’s West Coast.

However, doing business internationally is easier in US funds. We now have members from more than 30 countries around the world, and some of those currencies must be converted to US dollars and then to Canadian dollars. When we pay suppliers or receive memberships from outside of Canada, we also lose funds on currency exchange. Finally, the change aligns our membership fee with those of PLAIN’s sister organizations—Clarity International and the Center for Plain Language.

PLAIN members voted in favor of the change at the 2020 annual general meeting.