Forum guidelines

Welcome to the Forum

We welcome everyone interested in this group’s friendly, professional, and helpful discussions about plain language.

Our goal is that you read messages and participate in discussions that inspire you to comment, as well as launching discussions that interest others.

How can I start a useful discussion?

  • share your thoughts when a topic interests you and ignore when it doesn’t
  • help other readers by including a relevant subject line
  • include the original message when you post a response
  • try to give new information, add insight or a different perspective, ask questions, and give reasons for agreeing and disagreeing


What’s the focus of the Forum?

The focus of this group is plain language and clear, concise writing, communications, and graphic design.

Participate in the lively discussions that evolve. But remember, like any online community, there are boundaries that we all need to respect.

In particular, just because we’re discussing writing doesn’t mean that we want our typos corrected in the Forum. We also discourage promotion of services or products.

What happens if a discussion goes off-topic?

Sometimes discussions take a turn away from plain language.

When that happens, it’s a good idea for those involved in the conversation to carry it on privately outside the Forum.


We will not tolerate abusive language against individual participants or the discussion group. If necessary, we may moderate the posts of the individual, temporarily remove them, or ban them from posting messages.