Join the Forum

What is the Forum?

The PLAIN Forum is an email discussion group where members exchange ideas, and post news and information.

How can I join?

As a member of PLAIN you can join the Forum.

You may also try out the Forum free for 3 months before becoming a member.


What are the steps?

  1. Create a Yahoo account. You’ll need a mobile phone number to do this.
  2. Send an email to The Forum moderator will approve your request within 24 hours and you’ll get a confirmation email from Yahoo.
  3. Reply to that message to confirm your subscription.
  4. Choose from a range of different options for how to receive Forum messages.

How do I post messages on the Forum?

Once you’ve joined the Forum, you can post messages or respond to other posts by sending a message to

At any time you can unsubscribe by sending a message to


For more information

Contact the Forum moderator at

Visit the Yahoo help page.