About the member directory

What is the member directory?

The member directory lists all current members – but it’s not just for members.

Companies and government agencies looking to hire plain language experts often search our member directory. It’s an easy-to-use resource for anyone looking for a plain language expert.

How can I find members?

Anyone who visits the PLAIN website can access the directory to find members.

Entries are alphabetical – individual members are listed by last name and organization members are listed by the organization name.

Why should I be in the member directory?

A listing in our searchable online directory is a great way to market your work, expertise, and experience to colleagues and clients.

How can I get in the member directory?

After you join, be sure to create your member directory profile.

What if I don’t want everyone to see my information?

You may choose what information is included in the directory and who can see it. And you may classify some information for members only.

Tip: Review the privacy settings to ensure that your member listing shows only the information that you want included.