International Plain language day 2022

Calling all plain language advocates!

Thursday, October 13 is international plain language day.

Let’s celebrate plain language together as a community and get the world talking about plain language.

Reach out to your networks, find your hashtag on your keyboard, and help PLAIN get plain language to the top of everyone’s minds and newsfeeds.

What we’re planning

Hosting a LinkedIn live event

Romina Marazzato Sparano will be talking to some esteemed guests at Plain Matters Live on Linkedin. See below for details.

Getting #plainlanguage trending on social media channels

During the week we will urge as many people as possible to talk about plain language.

How can you get involved?

On social media:

  1. Promote the event by using the hashtag #IPlainDay and #plainlanguage on your posts during the week
  2. Post the Did you know? image on your timeline
  3. Tell us about projects and achievements you are most proud of
  4. Take a few minutes to congratulate and ask about other people’s projects
  5. Wish everyone a Happy Plain Language Day on Thursday

In the real world:

  1. Share news about international plain language day with your audience (clients, citizens, network)
  2. Bring up international plain language day in conversations with family and friends when you talk about your work
  3. Tell us what you are planning so we can promote it through our channels

Flyer promoting a PLAIN linkedin live event