International Plain Language Day 2020: Access for All starts with plain language

October 13 is International Plain Language Day

International Plain Language Day is coming up next week on 13 October.

Cheryl Stephens and Kate Harrison-Whiteside established the day to celebrate and advocate for plain language around the world. This year’s theme is “Access for All starts with plain language”.

Here are 4 simple ways to take part in International Plain Language Day wherever you are in the world.

  1. Attend our online conference 13-15 October
  2. Join the conversation on social media and tell us why you feel passionate about plain language with #IPlainDay
  3. Share your latest plain language project in our LinkedIn forum
  4. Start a discussion with your colleagues or peer network with questions like:
    • Who is our information accessible to? Who is it not accessible to? How do we know?
    • What elements of access have we not considered yet?
    • What doors can we open with plain language?