2020 Access for All: Plain Language is a Civil Right

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October 13-15, 2020  /  online

We are thrilled to announce that PLAIN is joining together with Clarity International and the Center for Plain Language to co-host an international online conference with 2 exciting events.

1. The first event will take place October 13-15, 2020. You can register now!

This event is a mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions that focus on 5 themes of: accessibility, justice, vulnerable populations, health, and successes in the field.

2. The second event will take place in May 2021 (exact date to be announced).

This second event is a continuation of the October event and will extend its success to a full-scale international plain language event in Washington DC. In another first, we will combine virtual attendance and physical attendance for those who are able to travel.

Go to the conference website for full details and to register: https://www.accessforallconference.com/

7 Facts about Access for All: Plain Language is a Civil Right

  1. The conference will be held over three days: October 13 – 15.
  2. Each day starts with a live broadcast at 08:00 Eastern time (UTC-4) that ends approximately 4 hours later (12:00 Eastern).
  3. Access for All: Plain Language is a Civil Right follows 5 themes that show how plain language enables access to justice, health information, housing, and more.
  4. Each day features at least 2 live discussions between keynote speakers, the conference host, and the audience. These live discussions are presented like a television broadcast, not the Zoom calls we have all become accustomed to. Related talks about the same theme follow the keynote discussions.
  5. Our keynote and related talks will give you a fascinating mix of international perspectives on 5 themes.
  6. You can watch pre-recorded keynote talks and related speaker talks on demand before or after the live discussions.
  7. You can even reach out to talk with attendees around the world on our live chat channels, 24 hours a day, until October 31. Start a conversation with other attendees when it suits your schedule and watch it continue across time zones during and after the conference.