Call for nominations for PLAIN’s two awards

Annetta Cheek receiving the Mowat Award

Nominations are open for PLAIN’s two international awards:

Please submit your nomination to by June 1, 2019.

The awards will be presented at PLAIN’s conference in Oslo in September 2019. The winners will receive:

  • an engraved presentation award
  • a certificate
  • public acknowledgement of their achievements on the PLAIN website and other PLAIN communication channels

How to nominate

To make a nomination for an award, you must be a PLAIN member. Your nomination must:

  • be in writing (maximum of 5 pages total for nominating and supporting documents)
  • document the nominee’s achievements, referring to the award criteria
  • be supported by another PLAIN member and at least one other individual active in the plain-language profession but not necessarily a member of PLAIN.

About the awards

The Christine Mowat Award

The Christine Mowat Plain Language Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding contribution to advancing plain language. Its purpose is to recognize a significant contribution to advancing plain language at the local, regional, national, or international levels.

The award will be presented to a person or organization who has significantly advanced plain language as a professional through their work and represented the profession of plain language with the highest integrity and skill.

Eligibility and criteria for The Christine Mowat Award

The Cheryl Stephens Innovation Award

The Cheryl Stephens Innovation Award recognizes innovation in plain language. The purpose of the award is to recognize the significant contribution of a PLAIN member.

The award will be presented to a person or organisation whose plain language activities have brought significant benefit to the community through technology, advocacy, research and/or professional development.

The award is sponsored by skritswap. Skritswap is a technology company providing an AI solution to making information easy to understand. On 16 February, skritswap hosted ‘Innovation Day’. Read more about Innovation Day and skritswap’s sponsorship of the Cheryl Stephens Award here.


Eligibility and criteria for The Cheryl Stephens Innovation Award