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Just added! Pre-conference workshop

When you register for the Access for All online conference, you can also join the workshop on 27 April. This workshop is only available to conference attendees.

Clear Communication Workshops: Teaching Techniques to Spark Enthusiasm in Organizations with Guillaume Rondeau and Isabelle Bourgeois of Educaloi

Before thinking about implementing any plain language program or in-house standards, organisations need a clear communication spark to ignite a cultural change. That spark must ignite both the management team and the staff. To this end, participatory teaching techniques are very powerful tools.

As legal plain language trainers and consultants, we participated in a 30+ workshop sprint over the last year. We had the opportunity to test different approaches and get feedback from participants. We now want to share our best practices in terms of impactful clear communication workshops, both regarding our recent sprint and our many other experiences as trainers.

What you will learn from this workshop:

  • Ways to ignite a cultural change considering the organisation’s overall context.
  • An outline of how adults learn new skills.
  • Which teaching techniques to use in order to create highly participatory workshops.
  • How to personalize and adapt the workshop and the educational resources to participants’ needs and objectives. How to prevent and deal with resistance among participants.

You can also watch the other pre-conference workshop “How to Produce a Comic-style Document” here:

Discounted prices on registration

Did you know? You can get a discount on the price of registration if:

  • you’re a member of PLAIN or attended the previous conference in October 2020
  • you live in a lower- or middle-income country
  • you want to register a group of 5 or more (contact for registration)
  • you are a student in university.

The online experience

Curious about what an international online conference looks like?

  • Our fascinating keynote talks will be available starting 4 May.
  • Related live sessions will take place May 11-13. The live sessions will also be recorded and available as well as the related speaker talks.
  • World Cafes open at the close of each day’s broadcast and are open until 08:00 EDT the next day.

Stay connected

Access for All is as much about the conversations that continue afterwards as it is about the talks. Be sure to follow the conference account on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for the latest news.