30 years of PLAIN in 30 pages

Postcard with lilac background shows a purple cake, two orange glasses toasting, colored confetti and blue text

The Plain Language Association InterNational (PLAIN) is an international association that promotes clear communication in all languages.

The PLAIN2023 conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina marked our 30th anniversary.

This is a hiCover Page of 30 Year Anniversary Bookletstoric milestone that we want to celebrate with all our members and supporters.

As part of a series of celebratory events, we have created a brief account of our history and activities of 30 years in 30 pages. We revealed this booklet to our members during the 2023 Annual General Meeting, and now we reveal it to the plain language community! We share the booklet with you in celebration and gratitude.

We thank all the people who have made these first 30 years a reality, including members, directors, volunteers, conference speakers and attendees, journal authors, staff and advocates.

We extend our gratitude to PLAIN’s founders and unwavering supporters Cheryl Stephens and Kate Harrison Whiteside.

Let’s celebrate together!