2022 Clarity International Conference

Clarity Conference in Japan

Call for Papers!

Clarity International, one of our fellow Plain Language organizations, dedicated to legal language, will hold its conference in Japan and has opened a call for papers. Check out the details below.


Achieving understanding and cooperation through communicating with clarity and fairness – Towards a sustainable society

Diversity and inclusion are shared values in the global society. Plain language plays an important role in creating a global society that is diverse, inclusive and accepting of different values.
It does that by enabling smooth communication without misunderstandings, across the whole of society, irrespective of nationality, sex, age, religion and culture.
The goal of the 2022 Clarity International Conference is to promote effective communication through plain language that is accessible to all.


The conference will be held in person but may be changed to online depending on the status of immigration restrictions in Japan as of June 20, 2022.

To realize a sustainable society and promote DX, the conference will be paperless as far as possible.

English will be the primary language for the conference. There will be no interpreters, but a web conferencing system with a simultaneous interpretation function will be available. Do not miss a plain language demonstration experiment that is highly compatible with digitalization.

Several sessions will show how plain language is highly consistent with DX and AI.

Call for Papers in Four areas

Law | Business | Society | Applications and Technologies


Plain legal language helping build a diverse, inclusive global community. Your submission could focus on:

  1. Plain language best practice examples and solutions in developed countries where governments are promoting plain language for public-facing communication.
  2. The use of plain language in the legal system.
  3. Plain language legislation around the globe.
  4. Issues in translating Japanese laws.
  5. Plain contract language.
  6. Online terms & conditions, and personal information disclosures.
  7. Multilingual considerations for plain language legal documents.
  8. Plain language in commercial law, consumer-protection law or other areas of law.
  9. Design thinking in legal communications.
  10. Crisis & emergency notifications to foreigners in your country.


Plain language essential for Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) initiatives. Your submission could focus on:

  1. Doing business in plain language.
  2. Financial and non-financial transparency.
  3. Addressing the need for clear, concise communication.
  4. Plain language for corporate governance & investor relations.
  5. Digital transformation in the sphere of plain language.
  6. Insurance industry initiatives.
  7. Initiatives for plain language at government agencies and corporations.
  8. Universal design.


Plain language essential in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Your submission could focus on:

  1. SDGs and plain language.
  2. Plain language initiatives supporting immigrants, tourists, and foreign residents.
  3. How law enforcement, court, and medical situations benefit from plain language.
  4. Business implications for the ISO plain-language standard.
  5. Democratization of language:  clear and transparent communication helps to meet the diverse needs of a society.

Applications and Technologies

Services and technologies associated with plain language. Your submission could focus on:

  1. Plain Language in the Age of AI:  plain language for AI & machine translation.
  2. Plain language in the FinTech industry.


Call for Papers Opens: February 18, 2022 (Friday)

Call for Papers Closes: April 18, 2022 (Monday)

Decisions Made: No later than June 1, 2022 (Wednesday)

Speaker Agreements Due: No later than July 1, 2022 (Friday)

Speaker Photos and Bios Due: No later than July 29, 2022 (Friday)

Final PowerPoints Due: July 29 , 2022 (Friday)

More Info

Find out more here: https://clarity-tokyo.jp/