Mowat Award

The Christine Mowat Plain Language Achievement Award is an international award recognizing an outstanding contribution to advancing plain language.

What is the purpose of the award?

The Christine Mowat Plain Language Achievement Award recognizes a significant contribution to advancing plain language at the local, regional, national, or international levels.

It most often recognizes the long-term achievement of an individual. But it can also recognize an organization or group.

Award winners have:

  • significantly advanced plain language as a profession through their work
  • represented the profession of plain language with the highest integrity and skill

When is it given out?

PLAIN generally presents the award every 2 years, at the international conference.

The winner receives:

  • an engraved presentation award
  • a framed photo of the presentation

How is someone nominated and selected?

To select a winner, the PLAIN Board does one or more of the following:

  • calls for nominations from members
  • establishes a selection committee chaired by a PLAIN Board member
  • discusses it at a Board meeting

To be considered, a person must be nominated by a PLAIN member. Their nomination must:

  • be in writing
  • document the nominee’s achievements
  • be supported by another PLAIN member and at least one other person who is active in the plain language profession but not necessarily a member of PLAIN

The Board does not have to present an award at every conference, and may present more than one award.

A person’s plain language work can be in any language and take a variety of forms:

  • significant research in the field of plain language
  • extensive experience in developing and presenting plain language training
  • extensive experience in writing or editing documents using plain language
  • a body of publications about plain language
  • successful leadership in public plain language projects
  • significant volunteer contribution to a plain language organization

A nomination for the award should refer to these criteria and the PLAIN Board applies these criteria when deciding on a winner.


Who is Christine Mowat?

In 2011, PLAIN recognized the outstanding contribution of past President and former winner of the PLAIN International Award by renaming our award the Christine Mowat Plain Language Achievement Award.