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PLAIN Members' Sites

Active Voice -- Judith Gordon

Adult Basic Education Association -- Leah Morris

American Institutes for Research -- Susan Bratten

Beacon Literary Services -- Julie H. Ferguson

Susan Bell Research -- Susan Bell

Bioethics Inc. -- Bruce V. Corsino, Psy.D.

Board Resource Center -- Mark Starford

Brouse McDowell -- Charles D. Price

Bruner Business Communication -- Jody Bruner

Bureautaal (Dutch) | Texamen (English) -- Wessel Visser

Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment -- Leigh-Ann Topfer

Carr Consultancy -- Sarah Carr

Center for Clear Communication -- Carolyn Boccella Bagin

Center for Writing, Language and Literacy -- Deborah S. Bosley

Centre International de Lisibilite -- Nicole Fernbach

CIC-QS Services -- Noushad Ali Naseem Ameer Ali

Clear Language And Design (CLAD) -- Sally McBeth

The Clear Language Group -- Audrey Riffenburgh

Clear Writing and Design -- Brenda Currin

Community Legal Education Ontario -- Kimberly McCutcheon (contact)

Comerford Consulting -- Linda Comerford

Communicore Inc. -- Kathryn Hughes

Content Writer -- Micky Stuivenberg

Dynamic Business Writing -- Reva Daniel

EasyRead Copywriting -- Kristina Anderson

Editorial Solutions -- Michael Johnston

Federation canadienne pour l'alphabetisation en francais -- Fernan Carriere

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada -- Isabelle P. Rodrigue

F-Secure Corp. -- Paivi Krekela, Leena Lujamaa-Reisner, Mika Pehkonen, Tommi Putkonen, Tim Sampson

fraga + co -- Jeff Fraga

Garbl's Writing Center -- Gary B. Larson

Marlene Harris, LLC -- Professional Writing Services

Health Literacy Center, University of New England -- Sue Stableford

Health Literacy Consulting -- Helen Osborne

Health Literacy Institute -- Sue Stableford

Hope Health

Horizon NJ Health -- Susan J. Lee

Debra Isabel Huron

Impact Information: Plain Language Services -- Bill DuBay

Juricom -- Nicole Fernbach

Kimble Writing Seminars -- Professor Joseph Kimble

Kleimann Communication Group Inc. -- Susan Kleimann

Legal Visuals -- Suzanne Hoogwater

Literacy Alliance of Greater New Orleans

Literacy Link South Central

Mark Adler

Alan Mehlenbacher Associates Ltd. -- Lola Mehlenbacher

Nigel Grant Training Ltd -- Nigel Grant

Persuadeo -- Jennifer Palley

Plain English Foundation -- Dr. Neil James

Plain Language Action & Information Network -- Annetta Cheek -- Cheryl Stephens (PLAIN founder)

Plain Language Commission -- Martin Cutts

Plain Language Communications -- Catherine A. Baker

Portugues Claro -- Sandra Martins

Precise Communications -- Laurie Soper

Redish & Associates Inc. -- Ginny Redish

Renaissance Communications Ltd. -- Darlene Shura

The Resource Group Consultants Inc. -- Linda Amato

Seafield Research and Development Services -- George Clark

Simplified Communications Group Inc. -- Doug Lincoln

Simply Read Communications -- Michelle Black

Sprakkonsulterna (Swedish) | Sprakkonsulterna (English) -- Helena Englund, Anki Mattson, Kristina Roetynck

Taylorwrites -- Jill M. Taylor

TechWRITE, Inc.-- Nad Rosenberg

Text-Centric Copywriting -- Charles Cuninghame

Techstyle Group LLC -- Laurel Prokop

University Health Network -- Phyllis Mancini

Usable Writing LLC -- Amy Janczy

United States Postal Service -- Donald Lagasse (contact)

Views and News -- Carol Ann Wilson-Story

The Vocational and Rehabilitation Research Institute -- Plain Language Coordinator

Warner Ferris Editorial Services -- Donna J. Warner

Washington State Department of Ecology -- Laurie Dumar, Bari Schreiner

Winglark Plain English Consultancy -- Janice McLeod

Wordsmith Associates -- Christine Mowat

Wordwrights Canada/ClearTEXT -- Susan Ioannou

Writing for Results -- Marcia Riley

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Other Plain-Language Web Sites

Book Promotes Use of Plain Language in Insurance Contracts

ERIC Digest of the History of the Plain Language Movement (1987)

Free Guides from the Plain English Campaign

From Plain English to Global English

How to Write Plain English -- Rudolf Flesch

Plain Language Resources--Northwest Territories Literacy Council

Plain Legal Language--PLAIN resources and links

Using Plain Language in Public Relations

Writing Styleguide and Dictionary of Plain Language (PDF 72KB)


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General Writing Web Sites

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

Canadian Links of Interest to Writers

Common Errors in English

Communicating or just making pretty shapes--Colin Wheildon

The Copyright Web Site

Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights

Educational CyberPlayGround Readability Tools

Fuzzy Logic Web site for Communicators

Grammar for English-Language Learners

The Grammar Lady

The Gregg Reference Manual

Guide to Grammar and Writing

How to Publish a Great User Manual

The International Trademark Association

KnowPlay--Reference Search

The Library Spot

Merriam Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus

NASA's Editing and Writing Services

Online English Grammar

Oxford English Dictionary Online

Technical Editors' Eyrie

Tips on Making Your Web Site Senior Friendly (PDF file)

William Strunk's Elements of Style

Style Guide of the U.S. National Labor Relations Board: HTML | PDF

World Wide Words


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